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Gamified Digital Forensics Project

IPAR (Imaging, preserving, analyzing and reporting):

IPAR (Imaging, Preserving, analyzing and reporting) is a narrative-based detective-themed adventure game, which has two versions. One runs on Windows 7 or newer with the .NET framework installed, and the other can be run in most modern browsers. Through the game, the player assumes the role of an investigator and collects evidence, answers questions, and draws conclusions as part of a simulated investigation. Players are guided through a series of scripted steps, allowing them to gain practical experience and draw their own conclusions by answering subject related questions.

IPAR Editor:

Developed alongside the game is an editor that can be used to generate new cases. Everything from subject matter to graphical elements to story can be set by the user to create an entertaining educational experience, and an reader that allows instructors to view the reports submitted by students for grading.

An account is not required to play the web-based game. However, an account is required to use the online editor features. Once your account is created, an administrator will need to approve your access to the editor before you can begin using it.

Sample case files for the game can be downloaded on the downloads page. These files may be downloaded and played in the web or Windows game.